Access to the Father


Have you ever checked into a hotel after a day of weary travel, and when inserting the key to access the room, anticipating a haven of comfort and rest, the key didn’t work? That can be frustrating. Keys are used for access, but it must be the right key.

We were imprisoned by the inherited sin nature of fallen man. Our trespasses and sins kept us from freedom. We tried to keep the law, attempting to do our own good works and walk in self-righteous, performance-based behavior, but those keys neither unlocked the door, nor set us free. To our desperate cry for help, God responded, and by His grace, sent us the right key to access our freedom and enter His presence.

Romans 5:1-2
Therefore being justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord  Jesus Christ: By whom also we have access by faith into this grace wherein we stand, and rejoice in hope of the glory of God.

Jesus Christ took our offenses to the cross, and when God raised him from the dead, we received his justification (acquittal). What does this mean? The judge handed down the verdict, “You are not guilty. You are free to go.” Your debt was paid in full! The right key is to believe what the Lord Jesus Christ did on our behalf. Because we were justified (acquitted) by believing regarding Jesus Christ, we now have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ.

This key of believing also gives us access to the throne room of grace and into the presence of God, where we can stand in awe of his gracious favor and disposition toward us. Jesus gave us the key to release us from our prisons and then escorted and ushered us into God’s throne room, introducing us to our heavenly Father. In his presence there is peace, grace, rejoicing, and hope. Being set free from the burden and debt of guilt and shame, we realize that God sent his son to rescue us, to open the door to freedom.

Once, someone purchased and gave me an “access pass” to a private VIP lounge at an international airport. After flying for nine hours straight and having a five hour layover, I was ready to receive all that the lounge had to offer. Once inside, the blessings included free and unlimited food and beverages, comfortable chairs, hot showers with all the amenities, and a sanctuary of peace and quiet, away from the noisy hustle and bustle commonly experienced at airports. It was up to me to use the access pass. I could have chosen to not go in and rather wait in the public areas of the airport. Our access begins with believing on what Jesus Christ has done, is doing, and will do for us and through us. It involves using the key and accessing and visiting our gracious heavenly Father.

Recently, I saw the movie “Lion.” It was a beautiful story about a lost son, reconciled to his mother after many years of being separated. The overwhelming expression of joy gleamed on their faces as they mutually and emotionally embraced after so many years of being apart from one another. Picture the wide out-stretched arms, and beaming smile on God’s face each time a lost child is brought back to Him. He longs for our fellowship, beseeching us to bask in His gracious presence.

Ephesians 2:18:
For through him, we both have access by one Spirit unto the Father

Anyone who confesses Jesus as Lord and believes God raised him from the dead shall be saved. It doesn’t matter what race, gender, class, economic background, education and level of intelligence, political party, or even religious status one is. We cannot improve upon who we are in Christ. Remember, we are saved by grace and not by works, lest any person, family, nation, political party, group, organization, or denomination should boast. We have equal access to God through Christ. It is a gift from God.

Ephesians 3:12 (ESV):
in whom we have boldness and access with confidence through our faith in him.

We may approach our heavenly Father with boldness! Boldness is described as the absence of fear in speaking, and is related to free communication and cheerful conversation with confidence. This boldness is now ours, bought by the blood of Jesus Christ. Our access brings us into a place where there is the absence of fear. Why? Because when God sees us, He sees His son or daughter in the completeness and oneness of his dear son Christ Jesus. God’s love for you is so penetrating that fear must disappear. It gets cast out as we seek the Lord in the throne room of grace.

Our access also comes with confidence. Confidence means trust and reliance. We don’t trust in our good works, reputation, abilities, talents, accomplishments, or the acceptance of others. We trust, rely, and lean on the finished work of Jesus Christ. He paid the price for our access. Do you see why we no longer attempt to approach God through our own strength? Do you understand why we don’t need to compare ourselves with others? Any born again one has this privilege because it was purchased for them. Those not saved are candidates to hear this good news because God wants all men and women, girls and boys, black, white, yellow, brown, rich, poor, etc. to be saved.

What are we do once we are in the presence of God? We can freely pour out our hearts before our Father, listen to His counsel, deeply commune, and enjoy rich fellowship with Him and Jesus. God’s inviting heart speaks to us and says things like these:

My beloved children, your hearts will no longer condemn you when you realize that you were made clean by the blood of my son.”

“Speak freely, and confidently. Ask me for whatsoever you desire according to my word. I will freely give them to you because you keep my commandments, and my commandments are not grievous or burdensome.”

“You really please me by believing on the name of my son Jesus Christ, and by loving one another as you acknowledge you are equally one in him.”

“This is my gift of grace to all of you. Now, I say, come! Welcome!”

Jesus Christ saved us from our sin. We were acquitted and made just. We have peace and access to God.  Let’s use our access, and boldly enter the loving presence of God with total reliance on what Jesus did for us. We may confidently ask and receive of him because we keep his commandments and his commandments are namely to believe on the name of Jesus Christ and to love one another. Keeping these commandments is very pleasing to God. We have been invited! We have the key! We have equal access. Now what are we going to do with it? Let’s use it! Go for it!


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